Popups aren't being blocked on FMovies.to

I noticed that popups are getting through on this site and it led me to get malware because of simply using the site. I had to factory reset the phone to clear it out. This hasn’t happened to me before as the shields worked with no issues. I noticed that the videos are all hosted offline and because you need to have cross site cookies, the site fails to work if all of them are blocked. The popups come up when videos load it seems. Before, this never happened to me. I wanted to let you all know this is an issue and for safety reasons, I won’t view anything on the site through the app. The site works fine on my main browser which isn’t Brave and I use uBlock Origin to stop all this from happening.

This is the domain in question: https://fmovies.to/home

I opened that page both on Android and on Windows and I didn’t get any popups or ads.

I disabled JavaScript because it’s really not necessary to use there and the problem disappeared after the fact as no ads or redirects were sent to me. I guess I was careless then.

Actually, the site refused to work without JavaScript enabled. I only got two redirect ads and closed them quickly. The blocker isn’t working completely on the site.

On desktop I don’t seem to get any of the pop-ups/redirects as you describe. I do see them on Android however. I’ve passed this information along to the team for a closer look. Can you tell me what Brave version and type of Android device you’re using?

It’s the latest version 1.18.78. and I am on Android 9 on a UMX phone with the number being U693CL.

the latest version is 1.19.86…

That version hasn’t been sent through as of today. It’s still 1.18.78 as of now on the play store.

You’re right, I’ve just checked on my phone. Anyway, I confirm I don’t get any pop-ups or ads.
PS: try enabling “Fanboy Annoyances List” in brave://adblock.

I’m on the mobile version. I don’t use it on the desktop.

Yes, I meant the mobile version.

How do I enable that setting on mobile? I can’t find anything in the settings.

Actually, I copied and pasted that URL and it led to a page with all the additional trackers. I enabled the one you told me to. Other than one redirect that popped up on the cam link for one film, the problem went away.

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