Adblockers temporarily disabling in Brave

I recently tried to complete survey but was then at the last minute told that this site actually my ISP provider who I trust that the reply was being blocked so is there any way of temporarily disabling that Adbocker until after In have posted that review on line??

  1. Turning Shields off completely:
    by adding sites to: brave://settings/content/braveShields

or toggling off in Shields panels


This will turn everything off, so Cookies and Fingerprinting will be allowed as well.

  1. Changing only the Adblocking setting:

Per-site (not fan of this):

Shields Panel → Expand Advanced control image


Globally in brave://settings/shields


  1. You can use adblocking rules
    Go to: brave://settings/shields
    and you can do a simple: @@*$|| etc and that will remove any blocked rule and allow everything in the specified domains.

    You can also use Shields log (or Devtools) to get the individual blocked elements you can whitelist.

    You can get the blocked element and just add @@ at the beginning and done.

    You get there by clicking the number of blocked items:


    Then you get the logger, and you just need to click the entry to expand its content.



    Then add as a blocking rule:

And done, 3 ways of achieving same result.

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Thanks Emi I will give this a go at the next opportunity.
With kind regards
John Goard RN(ret.)

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