Temporarily Disable Ad Blocking

Is there a way to turn off the ad blocking component of Brave from the Shields menu without turning off the shield entirely?

Some sites detect Brave as an ad blocker, and only way I can see is to turn off the entire shield. I would like to keep blocking cookies, but just stop blocking ads.

Is that possible?

Yes. Brave icon at URL bar and disable “Trackers blocker”. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/sections/360002413972-Shields-Basics

Is it not possible to block cross-site trackers, but still allow ads? Or or those dependent on each other?

Basically, wondering if there’s a way to keep blocking the tracking cookies but still allow ads in so I don’t get stopped by the adblock detector on a site.

Ads and trackers is blocked with “Trackers blocker”. There’s no way – it’s hard – to separate them.

If you want, you can try enable “Script blocker” via Brave icon at URL bar – it’s per site shield settings and will not affect other sites. And see if the warning is gone.

Scripts didn’t do the trick, unfortunately.

Related question: when I’m finished with a page, where I have to unblock trackers, do those cookies get deleted when I re-enable the shield? When I close the tab? Or when I close the whole browser?

Yes. If you re-enable the shield or clear “Site settings” (it’ll include other shield settings for other sites too) via Ctrl+Shift+Delete. If not re-enabled, your settings will persist.

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