How to disable ad-blocking for one site?

with previous versions of Brave I could, if I recall correctly, just go to Shields and do that. I have 1.27.109, the latest version of Brave, as of now, and I can’t find out how to enable ads on (Ecosia plants a tree when you make searches on it. also, I would like to stop getting nags about it on Ecosia.)

thanks in advance for any help!

Thank you for reaching out to us.
The way you do this has not changed – visit, click the Shields icon in the address bar, toggle Trackers & Ads setting to Allow all ads/trackers and the page will refresh and you should be good to go.

More on Global vs Site-specific Shields here:

okay! I thought that “allow all ads/trackers” pertained to all ads, everywhere, on all websites. thank you for explaining!

(, BTW, not I say this so that people can use the search engine.)

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