Ad popover fails even with ad blocking turned off

Shows popover even when “Ads and trackers” are turned off. This site uses Admiral which seems to want to force you to turn off All Brave protection. Arms race.

Which platform are you on? We’re blocking Admiral by default on the Brave desktop

it was iOS (iPadOS actually if i recall) but something is different on the sight now. the adblock is different. Maybe they were doing A/B testing or something.

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Ah yeah, Ios adblock is a little different, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the heads up

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I couldn’t see the popover @mbierman I thought we missed it, but we are blocking Admiral. You will still get the " Help AlterNet Investigate and Expose Injustice…" at the bottom.

Right. Maybe they changed the design or were doing an A/B test.i couldn’t replicate either.

Regarding Admiral, we’ll be blocking more on IOS:


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