Blocked content recognisable

I was browsing through some forums and I noticed that a lot of avatar were missing. I thought was my problem, after a while I disabled the shield and the avatars appeared.
In many other cases I didn’t know if the problem I was seeing a website in a certain way was because of my laptop, my connection, or the browser.

Would it be possible to have an icon or something similar to show that that specific content was blocked by Brave?

You can see whats blocked by clicking on the shields button (Lion icon in the URL bar).

I know, what I meant is, to be able to recognise on the page what content is blocked by Brave and what not. If I click the shields button I just see numbers, not the actual thing that is blocked.

If you click on the number of blocked items it lists the items that are blocked. It only shows the domain level items blocked but not individual scripts