Not able to see which ads blocked in Mobile browser


I’m new to Brave. I’m using both PC and Mobile(Android) versions. In the PC version, I can check which ads are blocked using the down arrow beside the number of ads blocked displayed. But can’t see such an option in the Mobile version(just the numbers blocked is shown). Is there any other way to check this? Thanks.


I totally agree, it would be great to see it. DuckDuckGo has it and so does Firefox so I don’t see why Brave can’t impliment it. There’s also talks about Brave whitelisting social media sites so maybe they’re hiding it by not allowing us to view the trackers.

Hmmm…But one thing I have seen is, Duckduckgo mobile browser is not blocking ads in youtube website(which has loads and loads of trackers and ads) but Brave is doing that…Duckduckgo is just showing unknown/poor privacy practices for some websites but not blocking ads/trackers. Regarding this query, I wonder why still nobody from the Brave Team has answered this? Is it because they don’t want to answer?

Maybe they just don’t answer anyone :joy:
I also left a review on the play store so hopefully they’ll read it and impliment it.

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