Accumulated BAT has not been transferred to Uphold Account

Hi Steeven,
I verified my Uphold account on Feb 12th, 2021. The 3.395 BAT I earned in February has been sent to my Uphold account as part of the March 5th payout, but the 228 BAT that I had accumulated before verifying my Uphold account did not get transferred to my Uphold account. Would you please take a look into my account and please send this remaining BAT to my uphold account?
P.S: I have already DM you all my account info on March 8th.
Thanks in advance

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hey I am have having the same issue just got my February payout but didn’t got this month payout…


I have the same issue. 116 bat tokens accumulated earlier have not been received in uphold till date. No one is responding to emails.or dms

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