Account verified on windows, but not on IOS

I see that some more people are experiencing that same problem.
Would like to know what is brave doind to help. I´ve verified my youtube, twitch and twitter accounts like two weeks ago and they appear verified on windows, but not on mobile.

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Hi @gero, it can take a bit longer to show as verified on mobile, but two weeks sounds too long. What’s the link to one of your channels? Thanks in advance.

Hi @steeven neither my youtube or my twitch channel appear verified on mobile so far . But appear on PC. And they have been registered for so long.

Hi @steeven . Do you know if they have any update about my case?

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Hi @gero, is your channel still not showing?

Dear @steeven No it isn’t showing.

I’m attaching some screenshots so you can confirm. Even if I refresh the channel status nothing changes.


I’ve attached the screenshots on the previous post so you can confirm.

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Thanks @gero, what Brave version are you using for mobile?

This should work better soon once we release 1.21, you can check it on public beta now if you want

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Hi @steeven brave version is Version 1.20 ( for iphone.
All my apps are update. The IOS system version is 12.4.8. But my friend which also access from iphone cannot see the account verified either.

@michal Hi. With this beta version suggested by you I could see all the accounts verified. But I still have brave reward points from the other brave browser. How can I migrate the points to this new one?
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This one @gero :point_up:. You can wait until the above version is available for the stable release.


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