Creators Not Showing as Verified on Mobile (iOS)


No Reddit, Github, or Youtube channels (that I know for a fact are verified) will show as verified on my iPhone. These channels show as verified on my Macbook and other devices. This has been the case for months now. I have a ton of BAT I would like to give to creators I enjoy (since it doesn’t appear we will ever be able to withdraw the BAT to our own Uphold accounts), and I can’t. The only things that show as verified to me are websites.

Is there any solution? The only thing I saw on this topic was something back in MAY about it. Well, it’s November now…


I’m using the latest version of iOS Brave (1.21) and I can not see the issue you have. Going to my profile page on github I see the triangle with a checkmark on the top right, that I’m verified, where someone could tip me. Don’t expect little triangles on posts, you need to go to people’s profile pages.

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I am on the profiles themselves. I am also on the latest version of Brave for iOS. It has been this way for months for me.

As an aside, what’s your github profile? I’ll check yours and report back. Every account I try and view on anything - twitter, reddit, youtube, github - shows as “Not yet verified” on each and every one.

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Just use my username here, there.

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This is what it shows me for on your profile.

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Maybe the browser is having trouble reaching the right server for some reason. I used a fresh Brave install on another computer, added rewards, then I needed to click refresh status when I saw not verified, and it showed verified after.

A firewall, adbocker, a vpn, all could be blocking the server. AdGuard and NordVPN with CyberSec on is not causing issues for me on iOS.

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