Gemini is no longer compatible with Brazil?

Again my BATE disappeared from the browser, but now the Gemini wallet says that my region is no longer compatible with this service.
I’m in Brazil, has anything changed in the terms of the Gemini service regarding this?


Regarding Supported AND Un-Supported Regions, see the following:’

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Yes, not supported anymore in Brazil. But If you got disconnected from your wallet after 7July, you will receive it though.

However, uphold is active. Use that instead for the next months cause no one have any idea when will gemini start their service again.

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Too late. I disconnected my main device. The BATs were sent to my wallet, but then I made the mistake of disconnecting to correct the error that showed zero balance. I’ll check on the other computers.

This seems to be going under everyone’s radar…

@b.cordeiro Sorry man, forgot to mention but Incase you haven’t seen. There’s an update on Uphold Support from Brave. You now cannot use either of these wallets. :pensive:

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