Brave Rewards verification pending

Is Uphold verification with Brave Rewards suspended in Brazil again?

I try to reverificate my account and it shows “pending verification”.

What’s going on?

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Yeah, they took it down the same day they restored it. Originally said only a few days down, but it’s been much longer. They haven’t given us specific updates except to say they are still working to restore it ASAP.

Thank you.

When they reenabled the verification process to Brazil, I immediately reconnected other 2 devices of mine. And they’re still verified in Uphold.

Had a problem with my main device and needed to reverify, but now that “pending verification” message does appear.

Anyway, thank you.

@FernandoLyev1 yeah, that’s because once linked, it stays linked until it gets disconnected again. The unsupported region just means you can’t link/relink to it again while it’s down.

I think pending is appearing rather than unsupported region because they are closer to bringing it back, but the system isn’t open yet. They should make another announcement once it opens. Plus, you can always keep track of my own Topic over at PSA: Unsupported Region on occasion as I’ll update it whenever new information is known.

As to Brave, I don’t know if they’ll do a brand new announcement or if they’ll just edit their prior Topic over at Brazil: Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold & Gemini will be re-enabled soon

Thank you very much!

You’re being of great help.

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