So what if creator account got suspended🤘🏻

so my account is under review ok I will admit that I self-tipped about 19 or so bat fine I`m not gonna send you mail requesting to release funds or so keep it 5-6 dollars doesnt make any difference least I would request would be to donate or use it for a good cause like feed children or some other humanitarian work

any brave developer I`ve got some bat I can tip you if you need since because of my region my uphold wallet is unverified now you suspended my creator account as well so take it take it all…

Hey @xmohit559 If you end up with your Creator account suspended, then you need to reach out to

Nobody here on Brave Community will be able to help you with it. They will investigate, which can take time. They go through once a month and make decisions. So if you get that email in, hopefully they’ll be able to get back to you at the end of the month. Otherwise will be an entire other month before you likely hear anything.

And I know you said you’re not worried about getting it released, but figured I’d put it out there for you. As to your request of moving the BAT for a donation or something, I guess I can tag @steeven to see if he’ dlike to reach out to you on it.

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What an honest post! But I appreciate only honesty and not the work. Honesty is not a getaway card for mischief.

@xmohit559 You might as well send a request to email posted by Soairay. Gud luck.

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