Accound Under Review [Now Suspended Unfairly]

Hello @steeven , I’m going for the third month with my account under review, I sent from the beginning all the information they asked me, photos, links, and others, then I contacted him here and he sent me an email saying that before the payment of September my Account would be revised, but we are going to October and I am still under review, however, these months I continue to generate referrals I have income, please I need to solve the problem with my account, what do you need most, the thread that had appeared appeared as SOLVED, Which is not true, so there will be a new one, please provide solutions, it is a lot of money at stake and I am going for three months and I am still generating a lot of income and referrals. Here I share the link:


You lost it
It was a good dream forget about it
I have not seen even a single person who got unbanned after getting banned
So just forget it now


What you want to tell me is that Brave is robbing us ??? Because the accounts under review are automatically placed by algorithm, I send all the tests, photos, links, websites of how I generate my referrals, in addition to the fact that I am open to make and send all the information they request, however my account continues “Under review” I have not done anything wrong, it was their mistake, not mine, so what should I do … if I made him gain thousands of users, now the opposite, bad publicity ??? I just want to get my account back and continue working with my advertising. Give me some advice because the truth is I am very angry.

I have written to @Steeven but he does not reply either, despite having done it by mail about a month ago.


If you work without any shady stuff they will pay they are not robbing
I got paid 0.4 BTC so far in 4 months so ye they are legit I never had problems with payment so far
Just don’t break their rules


I’ll be here to remind you when you fall victim too…

You’re saying there can’t error from their side too? They are so perfect smh
@iSteal is better you don’t talk , because you don’t have issues now doesn’t mean u r free, I’ve been getting paid for almost 2 years and now my last month payment was suspended during the period that people are even getting half payments n lot of bugs n you think it can’t be a error :roll_eyes:


@iSteal , I really have THOUSANDS of users, and thousands that are not on my social networks, the month they blocked me I made 1BTC, I am an independent programmer, I am currently integrating my tool to custom systems, and when using it she adds a link to the desktop of " Recommended browser "with my Brave referral, look in my facebook group I have more than 55K users, YouTube more than 30K, and my website exceeded 140K visits from unique users, I am not doing ANY KIND OF TRAP, in fact, My website has more than 1600 daily downloads, and of all this I sent tests to Brave, do you know what 1600 daily downloads are and each one has as a suggestion my brave link ??? only that brave has to investigate my account to verify that, but they don’t, you don’t know me and you can’t say it’s my mistake and not theirs, in fact they have paid me more time; only that the month of May on the 28th specifically I released new versions of my tools, delta, the menu, etc. integrating my brave link as a recommended browser, because it was on May 28, the payment would be almost everything in August, and practically I added the two months and my referral figure rose too high for the month of August, as I said, that it will rise quickly due to my new publications does not mean that I did something wrong, I will leave you the links of my social networks and myself web, and if you want I will upload you to captures of shorteners, analitycs and others.

I’m doing things right, my referrals are ALL real, I have thousands of users, I have written to @steeven but he answered me once about a month ago and no more, so what do you want me to think …

@Daddy_yo yes i dont make any wrong, and look here, only two pics.

Facebook Grupo:
Youtube Canal:
Telegram Grupo:
Discord Servidor:

I enclose two captures today, I am not one of the people who cheat, nor do I need to, nor would I run the risk of losing what has taken me so long to win …


Textual words that responded to me: “unfortunately we are unable to re-activate your account with the info given.”

They already answered me that they could not release my account, that the information I sent was not enough, months of work poured into brave so that in the end they come to rob me, and what bothers me most of all is that it does not say that “information they need” no no no, just that what I send is not enough, they are only stealing from users, so I did good publicity for brave, now it is the opposite, they just want to steal, and I am not the only one, because it is impossible to prove that I broke one rule because I did not, and they do not tell me what information they need to free my account, so I made thousands of users use Brave every month I think now I will go with everything to the contrary. They have me VERY angry, since last year I started giving it publicity to the point of incorporating the referral link on my website, notifications, in my projects, YouTube, everywhere, to promote with my users using Brave, so that in the end Come and rob me in this way, without any kind of evidence, just empty letters, without any backup. What’s more, I will upload images to the forum here that I send to the Braves, someone will be keeping my money.

I will not stand idly by when they did not even have the decency to send me a simple email, they just leave my account in suspension without giving any kind of response.

If they leave my account SUSPENDED, I want to know why.

Facebook Grupo:
Youtube Canal:
Telegram Grupo:
Discord Servidor:


yo conocí brave gracias a ese canal de Youtube


I am a user of the Doofy Project´s and i use Brave because in every project of Doofy that i install he recommends me Brave Browser


Doy fe de que conoci Brave gracias al programa Doofy llevando Windows modificados y en ello estaba preinstalado Brave. Es muy injusto que le hagan esto tan desagradable a Daniel!

El equipo de Brave debe tener todo en su plataforma y deberia dar la cara y devolverle sus cosas.


Gracias a Doofy y su proyecto lo hemos apoyado con su link de brave y no ha infrido ninguna norma y no veo problema el cual le suspendan su cuenta.


Gracias a este señor pudimos, muchos, conocer este navegador! me parece que no deberían sacarle asi su cuenta y dinero!


I dont think its fair what brave is doing to Doofy, I am one of the thousands users who met AND use brave thanks to Doofy and his amazing programs, he’ being legaly getting all of the referrals, with hard work and dedication so I really hope brave can solve this problem asap in Doofy’s favor cause he’s put a lot of effort in everything he’s done.


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