Underview account

I received a under review account. I don’t do fraud in regards of what i earn as you can check my account especially in my youtube channel most of them view and like my post and i already get confirmation from my refferral i think you are just over viewing what I’m earning… I do work hard for that hope be fair cause i do refer thru friends… thanks for the consideration

Hi @bhabes25,

Kindly follow the instructions shown on the review page and you will be attended to. Please note that posting such matter on the forum will not help your case in any way.

Hello there i already send email to the support but until now there is no response. Can you kindly help me?


If your account is under review, you should have received an email informing you to contact us at [email protected] for further assistance. Please reach out to us there and remember that we get 100s - 1000s of support tickets every week and reviewing each account may take some time.

We appreciate your patience.