Accidentally deleted a saved password, can anyone help me get it back?

please help me i have recently signed up for a subscrition on a website that will not be named and i missclicked while clearing my passwords and now it is gone, what can i do to get it back?

My opinion is you cannot do anything browser side. Even if you could do, like restoring a deleted password, that would be a security hole.

The only way I can think of, is if you have Brave installed on another device and syncing passwords, and it’s not opened, do not open Brave (because it will sync and delete the password from there too), close the internet on that device and then open Brave and see if your (accidentally deleted) password is still there.

Doesn’t this site you registered has a “forgot my password” button? That would be an appropriate way.

the only possible solution to this can be what Overjoyed9513 suggested.

also, its a subscription service so its probably connected through your email or mobile number, try raising a ticket to that service with the same email/number and they might help you.

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