Passwords Lost and Can't Seem to Find Them

I forgot my password for my Macbook Air, so I reset it. However, now all my passwords that was saved in Brave have been deleted. Is there any possible way to get those back? I really need my passwords for my school and other stuff, so if there’s any possible way I would really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

Only way you’d have it is if you had done a backup by doing Export Passwords or if you had an existing sync you could add it to. But if you went and did a complete reset of your device, then you’d have lost it all. Especially since passwords are encrypted using your device login. So when you lost your login, you would have lost access to your passwords.

When I’m trying to do the sync portion, it doesn’t let me. It tells me to troubleshoot it, which I did, but there’s no way to do it again.

I hope those screenshots work. If you can please help that’d be great! Thank you so much.

Can someone please help?

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