Brave deleted our passwords!

We came into the office today only to find that at some point during the night Brave had deleted all of our stored passwords – except ones for accounts/websites that we had not used for a very long time. So we have had to waste a lot of time today recovering or resetting passwords for all of the accounts and websites that we must use for business each and every day.
Even our stored password for Brave Community was deleted from our stored passwords.
I do note that the pathway to find stored passwords in “Settings” has changed. Perhaps that is the root of the problem.
Note that not all passwords were deleted – only the ones that we use all the time, or have used at any time recently. A handful of passwords for accounts/websites rarely used were still in the “Settings” password list.
This is very disturbing! And it is a violation of our trust in Brave as a reliable browser – since we can now never be sure that all of our passwords will not again be suddenly, without warning, deleted again at some point in the future.