Accidentally clicked block instead of install for Widevine

After accessing the netflix website for the first time, netflix asked for the DRM Widevine plugin to be installed. I accidentally blocked it instead of installing it, and I have no idea how to go about installing it since the choice no longer pops up to install. Can anyone lead me in the right direction to take on this issue?

Version 1.25.68 Chromium: 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @TheMuffinestMan, Welcome to Community!
Can you go to brave://settings/extensions and check Widevine is enabled?
Also, can you go to Netflix and clear site data.
For steps on how to clear site data and cookies please see:

Hello there, I was just about to say that I successfully found a solution after asking on the r/brave subreddit. The solution offered was to use an option I wasn’t aware of, creating a new profile using the dropdown in the top right of the browser and visiting the website once again. Thank you for your assistance though! I will mark my answer as a solution and leave my reply here for anyone looking in the future.