I accidentally pressed BLOCK when a pop up for Widevine popped up

I am a new Brave user, and I was on Netflix and a pop up for Widevine appeared. I accidentally pressed block install. Now, I cannot watch Netflix or Stan.

I tried to reset settings, it didn’t work. Went into brave://components, and it said it is installed but it cannot be updated.

I went into the settings and searched up “widevine” and the section that says, “Widevine: Ask when a site wants to install Widevine on your computer”, I allowed it, and I can watch Netflix, but with Stan, I can only watch for 10 seconds before everything goes black.

I am using Version 1.8.95 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)] on Macbook Pro macOS Cataline version 10.15.4.

Please help. Thank you.

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