Accessing "bill pay" in my banking app

I have been using Brave as my browser for several years. Recently i have been unable to open the “bill pay” part of my banking app. I have tried enabling cookies and also deleting and reinstalling the banking app but nothing helps. What else can i do to make Brave work for me again?


‘Bill Pay’ as part of a banking app - would usually be a feature of a mobile app. Correct?

Or, by ‘banking app’ - you are referring to a bank’s extension that you have installed to Brave Browser?

Or, are you referring to some kind of a Progressive Web App (“PWA”) that somebody has created, and you have somehow attached or installed to Brave Browser?


  • What is your computing device and its OS?

  • What is your Brave Browser version number?

At a glance, your issue sounds like, the banking app is an extension, and that extension might be obstructing Brave Browser activity.

BTW, an article that might get your attention:

Regarding that info, you might also want to consider, at: brave://flags

  • Search flags for Extensions Menu Access Control
  • Set that to Enabled

Ref.: ‘

I suggest study, before testing.

It is likely ‘zoomer’ language. Lots of people have started calling website served on a browser as apps due overusing apps on their mobile OS.

Or the user installed PWA on their phone.


ce tragique

(But, thank you for the tip.)

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