Brave browser on Android 11 Oneplus 8T not opening mobile banking app

Dear Brave

I discovered your browser and absolutely love it!

Unfortunately there is one thing really not working well.

With checkout on shops on mobile websites, Chrome and Opera browsers allow me to open ‘use app’ link of my bank. In the Netherlands ‘De Rabobank’. Unfortunately Brave shows the same screen but does not actually open the banking app. It is clickable but the same screen seems to reload instantly. Nothing happens when I try to tick the orange box normally opening the banking app.

I tried disabling the shield, playing with cookie settings, but this did not work.

Could you please look into that? Being able to shop online with my mobile browser is a must.

Thank you very much in advance amd keep up the good work!

EDIT after a little more investigation I saw this topic:

Describing the issue of not being able to start external apps with Brave

Sorry about a possible double of same topic issues!

Issue resolved with version 1.16.75. Thanks for the good work!

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