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Brave now offers Brave Firewall + VPN, available for download from the App Store. This partnership allows people to take back control of their own data, browse the Web, and use their apps more safely and securely.

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Does this VPN stop WhatsApp from seeing or using my data?.


Hi! This is a great question. The Firewall + VPN work together to block 3rd party trackers within the websites and apps you use on your device.

The VPN encrypts your information so that it cannot be snagged while in transit to the destination. If you are using WhatsApp, your information will move from your device to this app through the VPN and is fully encrypted. Only WhatsApp would be able to decrypt the information that you are sending to it such as you sending a message in a group. This would be the destination.

If this app includes a 3rd party tracker to grab additional data, this will be blocked each time it requests the data. If you want to use WhatsApp and are concerned about what WhatsApp sees, you will have to review and adjust privacy settings for this specific app.


*Keep up the good work guys i do appreciate! :100:


No. It’s not using your data.

how to deactivated vpn? some of site blocked my connection to them because of vpn.

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Hello! Please make sure your Brave app is up to date using v. 1.23.

If you are toggling the VPN off in the app and the toggle is turning it back on, please open device settings and navigate to general > VPN > tap on Brave Firewall + VPN. Toggle the On Demand to off so that when you turn off your VPN in the app, it will not turn back on until you turn it on.


Will support for censored regions like China etc. be offered?

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The Brave Firewall + VPN is available for purchase wherever the Brave browser can be downloaded from the App Store.

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Not really an answer to my question. You can access Google play store in China with a VPN. However not all VPNs work in China. They are often blocked, so unless a VPN provider makes a concerted effort to play the cat and mouse game with the great firewall to keep their servers unblocked and use protocols that are stealthier to avoid detection and blocking, then they don’t offer support for censorship regions.

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My apology for the confusion. The app is not listed in the mainland China App Store and therefore would not be able to be downloaded and subscribed to in China at this time.

The Brave Firewall + VPN is currently only available for iOS devices that are able to download the app through the App Store and will not be found on Google Play, just yet.

We are working on implementing support for Android very soon.


Lol this

You see kid, despite the fact that VPNs are a security feature even Brave’s Uphold will ban you if you use one.
You can’t make this stuff up, they advertise a service that is not supported by their services.
As for Whatsapp, who on earth would use this spyware anymore?
Might as well use chrome and gmail.

As for Brave’s vpn and firewall?
Why don’t you fix rewards first and get the user trust back instead of jumping on another horse.
You ain’t going to beat other VPN providers and tbh I lost trust in your ability to develop things as they should be.
Another point is that you don’t make a peep about logs on the VPN page?
And 9.99 a month? Lol you want to beat the market or make people laugh?

I don’t know what happened to Brave but it’s going down the drain quick.

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