Brave VPN and terms of service

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iPhone 12

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So, i am aware that using a VPN is prohibited and is a reason for geting the account flagged according to the terms of service and use of brave software and brave rewards. That being said, i have to ask…
¿Are my account going to be banned if i subscribe and use the brave VPN?.
Brave VPN its being shown in my Android device but i understand that it is not supported on android yet, right?


Thank you for your inquiry. First, let me clarify that using a VPN is not prohibited by Brave. The only issue that comes into play is using the Crypto wallets which notoriously do not allow access with a VPN connection. You can simply turn off the VPN to use Uphold or other wallets.

Your account will absolutely not be banned for purchasing and using the Brave Firewall + VPN as this would be a bit counterintuitive to the fact that it is available from Brave.

The Brave Firewall + VPN service is available for Android and iOS with desktop support coming later this month.

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