Chrome notifies about dangerous extensions, not Brave?

I noticed that Chrome notifies by pop-up and in the extension list of untrusted extensions, i.e.


I don’t find this sort of thing in Brave. Is that because Brave does not allow these extensions to be installed by default?

**Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.48.158

@noelen Do you have Safe Browsing turned on or have you disabled it?

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Yes, enabled.

Here’s an example. Brave extensions page

from Chrome

Chrome addon 2

This is what I got when I tried it. Maybe it has something to do with Enhanced Safe Browsing in Chrome?

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@noelen Just so you know, Brave can and does have the protection against. But as @yesxb09 mentioned, Chrome has different tiers and monitor more. Chrome’s settings are below:

Brave doesn’t have the `Enhanced one. Not sure if they ever would either, because it would require them to collect all of your browsing data, whereas Brave is about privacy. But it does protect.

Not sure if @mattches might be able to explain the differences between the two though and if there’s any possible improvements on things like you’re seeing.


Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense, I suppose, in regards to Brave, since one of the “enhancements” is this

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