About brave earning issue

Hello can anyone help me please today i have done 1 month installing the brave but this I didn’t receive any bat or earning please help

Could you clarify this a little bit, do you have rewards and ads turned on? Have you been receiving Brave’s notification ads?

Hello @Sameer2512, as @amaya said, can you confirm if you have Rewards enabled?
Also what OS/version are you on? And what version of Brave are you on?

My brave version is 1.16.2 i installed it march 28 and today is may 28 but no earning why its happening my everything is enabled

Are you still seeing ads?
Are you on Windows 10?

No ads i am on ios and its version is the latest one

in the top right, when you click on the Brave Rewards triangle icon, what do you see?

Bro even I didn’t get the claim option of 20 bats in the triangle why its not showing

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