Why my brave rewards ads token wasn't given

Why my brave rewards ads token wasn’t given?? I earned some BAT token viewing some ads which payment date is given at MAY 6 and today is May 6 but now it is saying my payment date is JUN 6 and my wallet is empty.


I got it about 5 min ago on my pc and on my uphold account. I would suggest just giv it a bit more time.


@Sds777 Thanks for your suggestion.

I am having the exact same problem :frowning:


ME TOO. I am supposed to get it sometime, it somehow shifted to June 6??


Same problem I didn’t get my BAT tokens


Same thing here.
Does anybody know anything about it?
I was a about to create a creator channel but now I’m in doubt with this happening.
Any clues?

Yup same here the BAT goes up but the date says JUNE 6 — WT brave get your together so people can adopt this

Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible.

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I am having the exact same problem on all my brave rewards account…

Soo… I had a similar thing happen to me, but in my case it said “you can now claim your rewards” or something like that. It had me proof that I am human… And it decided that I am not human and then said that the next payment would be on June 6 :confused: :confused:

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I had more or less the same problem, the only difference is that the CLAIM button appeared but as I clicked on it, the red circle was spinning forever. After 10 minutes I closed it and opened it again and no claim button and no rewards were added to my wallet!


same for me. nothing received and payment postponed to june.

same for me but i lost 12 bat and no claim button appeared

Same here. I checked the uphold account too, nothing there.

Same here. I also lost a few BAT today (about 1.5BAT).

Same here. Had more than 7 BAT, now down to 3.3 and 0 earnings.


Hello there!

Same issues here, all my BAT rewards from last month are missing and there are just some to be due in June 6. My uphold account has 0 earnings.

Same here … I had more than 9 BAT received on april and the payment day was yesterday and i have not receive anything

@brave For supposed BLOCKCHAIN TECH all these issues seem to always BE ? Can you switch to instant payment ? and also have account audit ?