Brave Rewards Payment for May 2022

I am writing this topic, because I don’t know why I haven’t received on Uphold my BAT of the last month (May). The last payment was in the 7th May 2022 (this was the payment of my BAT of april), but now in 8th June I haven’t received my BAT of may. What do I have to do to find a solution to this problem? I was trying to wait, but now it’s too much…a week is a little much! Am I going to lose my BAT of may?


Same problem here but my veified wallet is Gemini. Got a message in my Brave cards that my BAT was on the way a few days before the 8th of June but it never came for my desktop browser only my Android came through. Now it says Payments Complete but obviously not all. Hopefully @steeven @mattches can have a look at this.

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me too, the same problem. The moderators don’t even reply. Moreover, I don’t get any ads on any brave browsers on Windows 10 pc. @Mattches and @steeven Why don’t you solve those problems? Lots of people have the same problem. What is your job here? What are you supposed to do? I’m disappointed!

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Please reach out to us on our support form for this particular issue.

@Fatmak please see my most recent DM with you.

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