Ability to start the app in incognito mode ONLY

Just like the Duck Duck Go browser for Android, there should be an option added in settings that allow the app to be launched in “Incognito/Private Mode”. The app then has Private (Incognito) tabs only. The setting should allow switching between regular mode and this Private only mode with a click of a button.

Well, because this browser is mainly aimed at privacy. So, having the ADDED option to be in incognito mode, allows for ease of use. Best use scenario for this feature would be, let’s say you want Brave to be your default browser, then you want to open a link from another app, let’s say from Gmail, you want to open the link in incognito mode only. If this option was added, all links could be opened without having to worry about history deleting. I think this makes this feature request a TOP PRIORITY! Plus, having more features and choices for users is always a good thing. :blush::heavy_plus_sign:


I know it’s only a half-measure compared to your request, but you can long-press the app icon for Brave browser, then long-press = next to “New Private tab”, drop that shortcut where convenient and use it instead of the regular app icon.

Also if you encrypt your device and set a reasonably strong password (not a pin, pattern, etc.), then not deleting history should be somewhat less of a concern… depending on the risks you have in mind. (Maybe write down the password & keep it somewhere safe, just in case.)

You can also temporarily put your device in Airplane mode to see where links from other apps lead to without visiting them… then, copy&paste into Private tab if needed.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, indeed your suggestion is different from what I wanted. As it doesn’t work the way I suggested.
Also, not sure what long pressing the app icon did? All I got was “app info”. No “New Private Tab” option like you wrote. I’m on Android 6.0 HTC ONE M8 if that’s the reason maybe?
But in any case, thank you for your response.



Ouch, yea, Android 6 is an oldie :slight_smile: and is most likely the reason you only got “app info”. It’s too bad updating/changing OS on mobiles is often not nearly as straightforward as on desktops. If you’re feeling technical & adventurous and would like to squeeze a few more years out of your device, maybe take a look at installing a custom ROM, such as LineageOS; apparently the latest version is available for your phone, which would essentially upgrade your phone to Android 10 equivalent. For new phones, I’d consider going with a manufacturer in the Android One programme, such as Nokia.


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