Launch Brave Browser in Default Incognito Browsing

For those of you who are interested in always launching Brave browser in default incognito mode. Here are the steps.

Touch and hold Brave icon on your home screen.
You will get popup with 2 options… New tab = and New incognito tab =.
Touch and hold on New incognito tab = to create a new incognito shortcut on your home screen.
Every time when you tap Brave incognito shortcut from here, it will open in default incognito (private browsing) mode.

I hope the Brave browser developer can also look into the possibility of launching external links (e.g. links from Whatsapp and SMS) with Brave browser in default incognito mode as well. At present, I can’t seem to find a way to do it.


What do you mean by Brave icon? Brave settings? General preferences? (about:preferences)?

How to create Brave incognito tab on android home screen to always launch in default privacy browsing.

See illustration.


Sorry, I thought you were talking about a computer, not a mobile/cell phone. My bad. :slight_smile:

Hi Steven,

Here is a feature request that will launch Brave browser, default in incognito mode.

Stay in incognito mode based on Brave browser exit.

Please look into a feature that Brave browser can remember my preference of incognito/normal mode. If I exit Brave browser in incognito mode, it stays or remains in incognito mode when the next time I launch Brave browser app again.

This feature is going to be useful for those who choose to always browse or stay in incognito mode for privacy browsing with each launch of Brave browser app or opening link from an external link from Whatsapp, SMS or any Chat messaging app in a straightforward method, directly to incognito mode or tab based from the Brave browser exit that was in incognito mode.

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