Gboard Incognito mode in private browsing



Many users use GBoard as their default keyboard. Gboard provides an Incognito mode. It would be great if while in the private browsing mode if Brave can activate the incognito mode of GBoard versus using the default mode.

This would greatly enhance the privacy while using the private mode.


An app can’t normally (and shouldn’t be able to!) change the settings of another app, so this sounds like a non-starter.


Here is it not about changing the application. Gboard already has the capability of Incognito mode within it. Google Chrome uses this feature when one is browsing in Incognito mode, the keyboard also switches to the Incognito mode.

This is the same feature that I am talking about. I haven’t researched it yet, but I presume it might be a flag getting passed to GBoard to indicate that the mode to enable is Incognito.