Ability to revoke approvals and signatures inside Brave wallet

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Having built in revoke approvals and signatures can be beneficial from security stand of point.
Just now I’ve tried to revoke approvals inside etherscan itself, but it’s giving me some json error. Probably only you can revoke with Metamask connected

I know about revoke.cash, unrekt, etc. The thing is they didn’t recognized one of my approvals, so the only way for me was to install Metamask snd revoke it on etherscan. Also the built in revoke feature, imo is better than connecting with third party app.

Awesome. Wasn’t sure if you were aware so I wanted to share that one little bit.

Agreed, which is why I tagged in Wallet devs and they replied as below:


I haven’t been tracking but guessing means should be in there about now. I’ll have to go check out Wallet on Nightly to see if it’s in yet. If not, may tag and follow-up with them on it.

cool. also I think unrekt and revoke.cash didn’t recognized one of my approvals, is because it was actually a signature on a UNI V3. So besides approval revoke, would be good to add signature revoke as well

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