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I clicked on a malicious link and gave access to my wallet . I dont know exactly what he could access but lets assume the worst. After realizing my mistake , i did i reset my wallet. I havent activated my wallet again yet. In my wallet i may have only 10dollars or something but I wanted to know the best way to remove any access i gave to the spam site and what steps should i follow next ? Also is there any chance anything else can be compromised through the wallet or the browser itself ?

Thank you

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?

How can this issue be reproduced?

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Additional Information: a site where it was supposed to mint an nft asked for access to my wallet which i accepted.

You need to revoke the ‘connection’.
There are various sites which can be used to revoke them.
Reseting the wallet will do nothing.

Which chain was the connection. Etherscan will only for eth chain while debank will work for some other chains.

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@TxC Revoking all token approvals (@chh_68 nice tip by the way!) will protect you only if you accidentally signed an approval transaction with your wallet. Your main ETH balance will still be susceptible to theft, now and also in the future if you have pasted your seed phrase on this scam website.

If your seed is compromised, the quick and easy solution is to transfer out whatever coins you have to a fresh seed and consider your current wallet permanently compromised. Also, I recommend this option if you’re not very savvy about what token approvals are.

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hello onyb , thanks for replying.

i have, definitely ,not posted my seed phrase anywhere. I have used and etherscan to check for any token approvals. i havent found anything. I wouldnt mind setting up new wallet just to be sure.

I am allowed to set up a new brave wallet and, if yes , how would i do that ?

thank you chh_68 for replying.

i have checked both sites , i havent found any token approvals.

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