How do I revoke approvals from brave wallet?

Hi there,

My Brave wallet was compromised.
How do I revoke approvals from my brave wallet?
Or where can this be done if not here.



You can review/change approvals by connecting to

Thank you - I’m finding it hard to connect my brave wallet to this. It is only connecting to other wallets but not my brave address for some reason.

Sometimes wallets will take over the communication channel between the DApp and the Wallet if you have multiple extensions in use. If you want to guarantee that Brave is the wallet that communicates with then go to brave://settings/web3 and change the setting Default Ethereum Wallet to be Brave Wallet. This will make it so other wallets cannot intercept the communication channel while this is set. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll want to change this back to Extensions (Brave Wallet fallback) if you want to be able to use the other wallet extensions again afterwards.

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@hub and @kdenhartog Is there a reason why something like this couldn’t be built into Brave Wallet? It seems weird to have to use a 3rd party site/tool in order to figure out what is able to access your Wallet. At least on the outside looking in, this kind of seems like a base feature that should exist within the Wallet itself.

I’d even think it would make sense from a security perspective. I mean, it seems to make sense to have some tools to let a user know who or what has access to any of their accounts and/or crypto assets. It seems very weird to hear it’s not a core feature.

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@Saoiray you are right. We have it designed. You should see it coming into nightly version of the browser within next 1.5 months.

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