Ability to change the UI theme

I have used the Developer Tools to change the colors of the gradient of the UI

The colors purple/orange are really hard for me to see and the thin font for the white text inside is difficult to see, when I changed the gradient to blue/green, it immediately became much easier to see.

Google Chrome’s default color for the Settings page is also blue and it’s very easy to see, there is a reason why it’s blue and it’s not blinding orange or purple, because it’s based on information for readability.

I would like to ask the Brave team to consider making something like this possible, if it’s easy for me to change via the Developer Tools in less than a minute, I think it’s not that hard to implement a theme selector for the Settings:

  • Default Orange
  • Seafoam Blue
  • possible other combinations

I know this request might sound ridiculous, but for me the bright orange colors of Brave have always been a turnoff of this great browser. Even so, despite this I still use it everyday as my default and only browser on PC. On Android, I’ve sadly switched to Kiwi, because it has better ad-blocking and it’s not blinding orange/purple.

This issue is the single reason I will not use Brave unless I can change that awful orange to blue…