Brave default theme looks bad and custom themes are a no-go

The default theme of Brave looks OK for normal windows, but Incognito looks very bad:

i.imgur. com/oyWIXSs.png

That’s because the active tab color is almost identical to the ones of all the inactive tabs and it’s really hard to see.

So I did the sensible thing and tried to install a few themes from the Chrome Web Store, here are the pathetic results:

i.imgur. com/xwFw7DC.png

Looks really nice in normal window:

i.imgur. com/CoIlvAw.png

Looks horrendous in Incognito:

i.imgur. com/I7fTpRC.png

Address bar and buttons look awful - they are set to one color and nothing can change them.

Trying a black theme on the default theme looks like ass too:

i.imgur. com/q7j9oLD.png

The only theme I found that looks somewhat OK was this:

i.imgur. com/DYdZKiO.png

And I hate the colors.

Brave needs to stop imposing its colors everywhere!

I am forced to use this “Blank New Tab Page” extension in order to get an empty white page for a new tab, because the default one looks like a puke mixture of purple and orange that makes my stomach rumble:

i.imgur. com/4LF6K60.png

I hate this purple/orange vomit mess!!!:

i.imgur. com/QrDnEST.png

I love how Brave blocks a lot of unwanted content, but why the heck did you make the browser so ugly?

Orange and purple are oppressing colors, they make me feel like I’m suffocating.

Why not make the browser’s default theme something like azure blue or sky blue or a mix of both? The colors look really lightweight, easy on the eyes and gives a feeling of freedom, the opposite of suffocation that the current orange and purple convey.

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