A redesign of the Brave Community


I think it would be really advantageous to both Brave users and Support if the main page of community.brave.com was redesigned to include space to pin important and helpful information - such as announcements, statuses, FAQs, and troubleshoot guides.

This is what is seen before signing in (33%):

And here is an idea of how this added information might be arranged (33%):

(I apologise for the wacky colour scheme.)

We could do a near-identical design for the Categories tab main page, too (when users are signed in).

I think this redesign would enable Brave users to 1) quickly access news they’re likely coming to find, 2) have access to troubleshoots and guides that are only a click away, 3) generally learn more about the browser and all that’s related to it, that they might not otherwise seek out, and 4) be more satisfied with their overall experience here.

The redesign would benefit Brave Support in a few different ways, as well, but I’ll just mention the selling point: a marked decrease in DMs flooding inboxes = issues being resolved more efficiently.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my idea - please make sure to click your vote at the top-left of this post if I’ve sold you on it! :slight_smile:

Sadly the option to like is absent :heartpulse: so this will have to do.

May i pettition that that poll´s be on that list aswell ?

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I didn’t think of polls, but that could be pretty great, too. :slight_smile:

Maybe put that on the Categories tab main page we see when signed in (…ability to vote for Community members only?..), where the Hello Brave Community sits on the visitor’s main page.

A really quick visual of this (signed in, 33%, even wackier colour scheme):


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I’m a new user of Brave browser and I have experimented the support. Often people come to complain without giving details, the frustration of not getting an answer quickly, of not understanding because the support lacks time to give explanations. I think a section prominently on the home page on the basics to know (and if possible translated), would be a good thing, because during my request for support, I was asked to follow steps, to type lines of code in the address bar to provide information, if it is (can) be useful to everyone, it is necessary to facilitate access to the information.


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