New Community Changes/Layout! Please Read!

Hello everyone!

Not unlike Brave itself, Community is getting a bit of an update as well. We changed the default design just a few weeks ago but there are some additional changes we’ve made that I’d like to go over briefly:

Note: Click the ‘x’ on the top right of this banner to get rid of it

Community Themes

This has been highly requested and it would be silly to give our browser theming options and not our Community! Behold, Brave Dark:

And Brave Private:

Hope you enjoy them!

New Categories

We’ve added some new categories and posting guidelines to make receiving (and providing) support as efficient as possible. Some things to note and remember before posting:

Use the Subcategories
Please ensure that you’re posting to the proper subcategory based on the issue you’re experiencing. Each subcategory will have it’s own “About” page with a description of what type of topics belong there in case you’re unsure.

It’s not the end of the world if you forget to do this or post in the wrong place, but it will help us stay efficient by staying organized and eliminating the time it takes for us to manually move posts into the correct location.

Note the tag rules
When posting to certain subcategories you’ll be required to add at least one tag to your post. We’ve implemented this so that we can better track user reports and use the tags to sort/analyze what issues are frequently reported.

There is a list of predefined tags for you to choose from. If you feel that a specific tag option not present should be made available, please message me directly (@Mattches) and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

Adhere to Bug Reporting Template and Guidelines
As mentioned briefly above, we get a lot of reports and requests every day. In order to ensure that your issues get addressed/resolved as quickly and efficiently responsible please read reporting guidelines outlined in the link below, adhere to them to the best of your ability, and use the template shown in the reply editor .
Community Bug Reporting Guidelines and Templates

Search for Duplicates
Given the amount of reports/request we get each day, there’s a good chance that someone else may have raised the issue with us already or may have been resolved. Before posting, use the search bar on the top-right corner of the website to see if other users have raised the same concern.
Note: The search is pretty good - good use of keywords (pertaining to your issue) and sorting the results by “latest” is generally a good way to start your search.