New Brave Community Layout

Really not a fan of this new brave community layout… the previous layout was fine… if it aint broke dont fix it… found a bug with optional tags… when i hit the + the drop opens but list is hidden on left… tried going landscape and this was worse because keyboard is open.


When did the layout change?
Where are you from?

I am from Germany and still have my usual “old” (?) layout.

usa… here is a screenscrape…

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Okay thanks! It’s the new layout for me as well.

We actually haven’t changed anything with the Community layout at all recently. This may be something that happened on Discourse’s (the service we’re using for these forms) end.

@Mattches is there a way to revert this?

@tonymend1980 as of Brave: no, there is not much Brave team can do about it.
But, if you know CSS you can customize L&F of this forum upto your liking…

i figured this out… a view default setting changed for me… hit the 3 lines button and toggle between mobile view and desktop view. i had mobile set but it was changed to desktop (not ruling out i hit this by accident). changed back to mobile and problem solved.

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