Redesign idea for the Start page


hey there,

in the Discord chat, there was discussion idea of redesigning the start page and all

so i created a new design idea that would do a way of 2 main pages into 1

and should be user based design with some standard base page stuff

i hope this displays (never uploaded here)

anyways instead of doing the status quo standard the brave design could change things here have this page be on the main site page where its easy and fast for even new users to see

links to this community and the chatroom as well as brave related delevepor news and such

i have the image in the #design room of the chatroom

feel free to holler for questions, its time for Brave to stand out with its start page



It’s really interesting to me how many things you’ve chosen to bring forward onto this page. Real estate is precious so they must have some considerable value to you.

What were the kinds of problems you were trying to solve?

I’m also curious why you put some links to social media sites in a bottom tray?

This is quite a bit to think about! I’m really digging it. :smiley:


hey alex sorry i haven’t gotten back till now

so 1 of the things i notice about browsers these days is that its a COPYCAT lets do what they do in start menu design and information

Whether it be widgets or favorite tabs etc…

most browsers have 2 pages in a sense…
a start page and then a company page which not many really pay attention to

so the design i did was a little of both of a start page and personal page WITH a small touch of browser company info

easy parts FIRST

Very very Bottom would all brave links to Facebook, Twitter, the discuss app (and chat room community for brave) any use of Instagram and youtube channel again all brave linked to everything brave

as you see the Brave login/registration… thats to THIS AREA the forums
any brave sync tool for sending current info from 1 device to another as many use these days
of course a search bar
the Top RIGHT Corner is a litlte important to me
so the easy part first time and date (this is of course on the current start page
the Language switcher for anyone who needs to change the text to THEIR Language like spanish or portugese i guess

the top 1 is very important
the Text zoom in/ zoom out now the reason i say this is important is because i have NEVER EVER Seen this on a Browser start /personal page… and for people with vision problems this makes it fast and easy to Enlarge the text on the screen or zoom in out for people with vision issues the other way… i see the tool on some basic websites, but never on a browser page or personal page

Below the line is just an example of how a widget layout might look being similar to what the easy web start section on the left … and a lot like the old fashioned yahoo personal page along with msn and all of
the others

to the bottom right cornor NEXT to the social media part of the brave browser is what i feel to be the IMPORTANT links a brave user should see but they are not in small font size lost on the site at the very very bottom where nobody looks unless they have to…

so just a standard text link for them

ill share thoughts on the left side next time other than to always have the brave version that the user has on their system at he spot displayed…

catch ya soon