A+ icon appearing in URL bar when typing

First off, I’ll point out this is the same issue reported here (Brave URL bar shows Rite Aid logo) and the solution posted there (clearing history + cache) has also worked for me. But that issue has already been marked as closed and I wanted to highlight to the developers that it is a bug and not an isolated issue. Only noticed it since the last update.

In my case, the icon displayed was an A+ from some site I didn’t recognise. The icon only appeared when typing in the URL bar, and didn’t appear in private tabs.


looks like an extension playing there

could you disable all extension and clear cache also and stay online as you can

if it work then enable the extension one by one till you get the one that caused the issue

hope it help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thanks - this is occurring on Android though, so no extensions added.

Clearing history does fix the issue temporarily, but it’s come back a few times now. A more permanent fix would be great.

The most recent time it occurred, I at least recognised the favicon this time, it was from www.archdaily.com, although I think the site appears to be irrelevant.

you welcome and sorry about the miss understanding about the extension in android
i notice that it happen to some people but i really do not know why it show up even there are no extension to play around

hope they got to that and find the cause and have a nice day

I have the same issue but with another logo. Mobile version…

Link to my issue in this thread’s OP.

did you cleared the cache of brave and choose all time

That doesn’t help in my case.

sorry i do nt have any other idea wait till smeone from the team check this

Still seeing this issue and the fix (clearing history from all time) seems to be getting less and less effective over time, not to mention how inconvenient it is. Now a random favicon appears back in the URL/search bar within about an hour of clearing the history.

Would be great if someone from the Brave team could weigh in on this.

could you check this @Mattches please notice that it been repeated in some other post
so the clear cache fix it for while then it show up again

and have a nice day everyone

Apologies for the late reply. I appreciate you letting us know as well as the diligence, @phippr. I’m passing this information to Android team now to review. Hope to have more information for you all soon.

In the meantime, @phippr @Oculus would you mind telling me what device model you’re using when you see this? It’s not likely tied to the device type but its always good to have as much information as possible – thank you.

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Does this issue here describe the behavior accurately?

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I use the Pixel 3a.----------

Thanks @Mattches - definitely not a big / severe bug, but one that catches my eye every time!

That github link looks to be describing the exact issue, yes.

I’m on a Pixel 3, Android 11

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Excellent – I’ve added your report here to the Github issue for the devs to review. No milestone set for this yet but I think you can expect a fix for this sooner rather than later. Thank you again for reporting.

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