500000000000000000000 bat claim,

Ok this just happened i go on my phone and it says ur Ads are finnaly in or similar and i had to tap to open and i see this

It said, youre adds earning are finaly here. instead of that token gift

but as u can guess no i dont own 50000000000000 bat, BUT why did this come up and yea im claiming that Token , it came it never showed, some help ?


wow, ahahaahah. :moneybag: you got the brave reward lottery! :ticket: (kidding :sweat_smile: )


Is your wallet big enough
that is a lot to carry at one time

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actually im talkin to support and they say this is correct, but it was 2.500000000000000000.

it was granted, claimed but not transferd, this ammount of bat doenst exist,

i should get some reward dont yall think ? :smiley:

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