5 MByte mobile data usage on every Brave start

I recently switched to Brave browser on my Android 8 phone.

Now I recognized, that when I open Brave, it consumes 5 MBytes of my valuable mobile data, without doing anything. This happens once a day. If I open Brave several times during the day, data is consumed only at the first start.

I already switched off the start page and also deactivated the pictures on empty pages.

What is Brave downloading (or uploading) after it is started?
And how can I turn this off.

It doesn’t really make sense to use a Browser, which is advertised as data saving during browing, when it consumes the data already before browsing.

Brave Version( check About Brave): latest

Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, Android 8.0

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I’m pretty sure it’s checking for components update used by Brave features e.g. Shields, Rewards, etc.

I already turned off Rewards.
How to turn off all other automatic updates?
Or to allow them only when connected to Wifi with unlimited data.
5 MBytes a day are 150 MByte mobile data per month. This is inacceptable.
Other browsers like Opera do not have this behaviour.

u can read this post in brave blog and see what all good https://brave.com/memory-savings-in-brave/

In addition, the brava uses the chromium engine, so it will always use less memory than the chrome but more than the chromium engine allows you to do, the brave engine will not be able to do.

@niceant: Seems you didn’t understand my question. I am not talking about RAM usage.

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I switched back to the native browser on my phone.
Although it does not block ads, it consumes less mobile data than this incomprehensible data waste of Brave during app start.

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