What is my Brave password

When I am trying to reveal my saved passwords, it’s prompting me for my Brave password. I don’t recall every creating a password for the Brave browser. How do I reset this password.

Hi Matt try to use your most common password see if that will give you an access to the Password list, and its only fair that it is there for example if anyone gains access to your device and they want to see your passwords whola you’re protected by Brave!

@matt32p220 it’s your OS password.


I’ve already tried all that I can think of. This is why I have reached out to you.

Here sir try @eljuno solution, it has to be the one.
I’ve just remembered that indeed it is your Start up Password(once you turn on your PC/Laptop your user is protected with password)

That is the password to protect your saved passwords.

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