All my saved passwords have vanished

I’ve been using Brave for a while, I’m using it on my work laptop which has passwords saved in it and has been fine for a few years. Now near the end of the day yesterday it crashed, closed it down and non of my autofill passwords did anything, checked in settings and non saved there. Logged on today and again nothing, only the new password created for this Brave Community account. All of my bookmarks ae there, rewards are showing etc just no passwords!
I’m using Wondows 10 and the latest version of Brave.
Any ideas how to get these back? NOt sure I can continue to use Brave if this is going to happen again!

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Same thing happened to me today, but I changed password on my MS pro windows 10. Could that contribute to it?

No, I have to change it every now and again but hadn’t changed it when this happened. The only thing I can think is when it crashed it caused some kind of problem.

Hello @spark2022, sorry to hear this happened to you and thank you for bringing this to our attention. To view, edit, add or delete previously saved passwords in Brave:

  1. Launch Brave
  2. Open the Main Menu in the the top right.
  3. Click Settings --> Additional Settings --> Auto-fill --> Passwords

From here you can see two toggle options at the top and a list of all your saved login information by site underneath:


  • Offer to Save Passwords - Toggle this option On/Off to stop Brave from prompting you to save your password for all sites .
  • Auto Sign-in - Toggle this option On/Off to stop Brave from automatically signing you into websites that have previously saved login information.
  • Saved Passwords - In your list of saved passwords click
    to view the details of the selected login information or remove it from the list.

If you’d like to save your passwords to be imported in another browser or device, click the icon sitting just above the Saved Passwords list and select Export . Regards.

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