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I’ve been using the Brave browser and have been a publisher since July this year; however, I’ve only been able to sign into my Brave Publisher account once. To go in depth about my issue the first day I used the publisher site with my 2FA it worked fine, but anytime afterwards I have been unable to sign into the account due to each time I enter in the 6-digit code I get an error telling me the code is invalid. I have tried multiple codes that appear on my phone to sign in and each time it fails. I believe this can be fixed if you remove the 2FA from account and let me set it up again. This hopefully will allow me to be able to access the account and my funds.

System Specs:

  1. Your Operating System and version (Windows 10, iPhone 8+ iOS 11, AUTHY App)
  2. Your Brave Version. (Version 0.58.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

1. I downloaded and installed Brave.
2. I signed up for the publisher service which I was accepted into and successfully created the Uphold account.
3. I received an email from Brave Publishers stating “Your earning from Brave users’ contributions for this month is ready to be deposited! All you need to do is connect a wallet to your Brave Payments account. Log in to Brave Payments to check your fans’ contribution total and connect your wallet from your dashboard to receive the earning (currently, this wallet service is provided by Uphold).”
4. I click log In to Brave Payments
5. I receive a secondary email asking for me to enter my “Authentication Code”
6. I open my Authy app on my iPhone 8+ and enter in the code that appears via my phone
7. I receive the “Invalid 6-digit code. Please try again.” message at the top of the screen after entering in the 6 digit code.

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Hi there,

Sorry you’re having these issues. Unfortunately, we can’t remove the 2FA from your account for you. Your best bet at the moment is to recreate your account under a new email address and transfer your old channels over to it (you can do this by just re-adding them to your new account; they will transfer within 10 days). Let me know if you need any help or have any questions.

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