2 months without reward and reward that disappear

Hello ,

since the beginning of March my rewards disappear at the time of payment in April too.

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hello, my problem is too complicated, no one to help? I have mp @steeven 24 days ago without answer since

Hi, @chapmen, a new release just dropped, make sure you update…

…maybe it will help.

hi saereV, thank you for your quick response .brave is up to date Brave is up to date
Version 1.23.71 Chromium: 90.0.4430.72 (Official build) (64 bits)
but still the same problem, where I have to wait until May to see a change

Thats too bad the update didn’t help you. :frowning:
Let’s wait for Support to drop in.

@chapmen did you look at this troubleshoot chart?

Scroll mid-way down. Make sure you’re not doing any of the activities on the chart. Some of these activities will cause you to stop earning BAT, too.

@chapmen I have problems too and till now I didn’t get any suggestion or fix (also with the last update).

Try this:

Copy your wallet ID :

and paste the ID in this url:

https://ads-serve.brave.com/v1/confirmation/payment/[here your wallet id]

I’m getting server errors and i don’t think it is normal. If you are getting an error too (“Missing Field”), maybe this is the cause of no ad and payment

Here my post: Server Error 400 - Can be this the AD and rewards problem?

thank you for your help, I do receive the advertisements, but every beginning of the month when the rewards are paid, I receive nothing and my bat counter decreases but without being transferred.

Support has come out and said that there is an issue and they’re working to sort it out. :crossed_fingers:


I know Brave has many ambitions and todo lists, however I believe they should address the foundation of Brave and overhaul the rewards system until it’s well smoothed out before building and integrating other products, just a thought

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Yeah, I agree. Sponsors could get scared away or be hesitant to join up. :frowning:


so will all lost rewards never be recovered, nor will any new rewards to come?

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