Server Error 400 - Can be this the AD and rewards problem?

I’m not getting any more AD from the begining of March. Also, I didn’t receive the rewards.

I checked everything that has been suggested and it seems to be ok.

Today I installed a tool for sniffing the HTTP connections (HTTP Analyzer). I found a possible issue. The requests from my brave for confirming the payment (?) are getting an error.

My brave version:

@steeven or some other expert, is it normal? (I don’t think)

I do not have any problem connecting any websites, I’m not behind a firewall, I’m not using any proxy (the tool HTTP analyzer should be transparent).

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I can’t contribute anything other than the fact that I’m having the same problem.

Cool!! My 2 bat are disappeared and i didn’t receive anything on uphold. Too many issues and strange things are happening.

All the request to “” fails.

Why I’m getting these errors? Is it normal?
Am I banned from the server?

@steeven @Mattches @sampson or somebody else, can answer?




Don’t speak about R1 error, they’ve got a very big problem with it…
Two times I has a problem :
android nobody was able to help me
linux with R1 : when you’re talking about it → and I don’t speak about PM… no skills for debugging anything
NO official communication about real problems too

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