2 Brave Rewards Payments Bugs

Hey Team,

Noticed a couple possible bugs I wanted to share from tinkering around;

  1. My Brave payments monthly contribution will not process. The fields for the monthly contribute do not get attributed to my monthly payments;

I believe this may have something to do with auto-contribute being turned off. I have done this because I prefer to contribute a small amount to my favourite publishers monthly, instead of basing it on my browsing time.

  1. If I turn on monthly contribute, you will notice there is a past date for my contribution that is not being fulfilled. The system may benefit from further optimization on this front. Hope this helps;

Appreciate the feedback!

I believe these issues are currently known but i’m not sure if they’re logged yet. I’ll dig around for them today and if I can’t find anything up already I’ll log it myself.

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Hey @Mattches one last thing i’ve noticed;

I recently turned Brave Rewards back on and set to only support verified creators. Despite turning rewards back on, my contribution date is still stuck in the past! Thought you might want this logged.

Also noticed it seems to be taking into account sites that aren’t verified as well;

@Raolin, sorry I never got back to you on this thread! That’s on me.
That said, I did log the issue after you reported it as promised:

Looking into the AC verified issue. It sounds a lot like this but your unverified sites all have positive percentages, where as this issue has them displaying 0%

Just confirmed that the unverified publishers error should be fixed along with that issue above :point_up:

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Hey just a quick update I noticed:

My payments schedule had been backlogged until today, when I directly (one time) tipped a Youtuber, it was able to unlock and set a new payment date for Jan 6, 2019.

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