Brave rewards are lost

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The Brave Ads now work on my homepage, but now my brave rewards have disappeared. It happened right on the first of July for some reason. Should I be worried about the points that are supposed to arrive soon are gonna disappear also? Was never able to reconnect to Gemini account so it was supposed to go to my Brave wallet.

I haven’t receive any reward since Dec 08, 2021. Each month I see on my screen,

“Your BAT rewards will arrive in X days”

It’s never sent to me, and my balance resets to 0, so I lose all the BATs I earned every month. Their support is a joke. Took them 10 days to respond and their response was “Is there a claim button?” and I responded No, and never heard from them again. That’s their support.

For users new to Brave Ads, you may want to watch this video:

Same happened with me.
Since i was unable to reconnect my gemini wallet,
I thought I shall Collect the reward and donate it to my creator friend.
I claimed the rewards of 1.750 BAT succesfully but in 5-10 mins as soon as i tried to donate it to my creator friend, The rewards panel is showing 0 BATs.
Don’t know how is this possible a glich bug or what.
I lost my all rewards.

Please solve this Issue.

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